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“They tried for so long to oblige, to do the right thing, to make everyone happy. But nobody showed them how to live out of their new nature.

They only learned how to look right, how to pacify the demands of someone keeping score. They wanted to obey from the heart, but nobody gave them the chance. Someone was always watching to see if they got out of line, instead of waiting to applaud when they began to trust Christ in them.”

~ Trueface (book to be released Fall 2018)

I wore a mask.

From the moment I was pushed to wear a certain outfit or count the number of people that were baptized on any given Sunday, I always felt that I need to perform a certain way.

No more.

My website is to help, coach, encourage … (fill in your word here) … pastors and ministry workers who need a trusted ear.

Dr. & Mrs. T.A. Powell (2)

T.A. Powell, unmasked


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