The House Church in Snow Creek (Part 1 of 3)

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It was late summer 2009 when Betty and I made the hour and a half drive to the “House Church in Snow Creek” located in the Southeastern corner of Franklin County, Va. on Colonel Lee Road.

It was in the middle of the country, 14 miles from Martinsville, 16 miles from Rocky Mount and 18 miles from Penhook.

The new church plant was only 5 years old at the time. The Liberty Seminary had asked me to go out there to fill in a couple of Sundays as they had just lost their pastor. The church meets in an old 18th century mansion built before the Civil War in 1838-39, the Finney-Lee House, owned by one of our church members. It is on the Franklin County’s Historic Register.

There is a beautiful front door entrance, however, everyone enters through the big old country kitchen and before church and after church most of the members hang out in the kitchen, sort of like we did when I was growing up in Mom’s kitchen. 😊

The main service is held in the big living room that comfortably seats 50 people. Our praise music comes from the computer to the screen and I preached in front of the fireplace. For two Sundays I went to Covenant Community Church in Snow Creek, they asked me to come back for a month and I did, then for a 6- month interim and I did.

It is interesting to note that the very painful, hurtful day of January 4, 2004 when I resigned my 26-year Pastoral relationship in Suffolk, Va., the House Church in Snow Creek, Covenant Community Church was born. It seems like God was up to something already.


(Part 2 of 3 to come)

Lord’s Day Morning

img_3328It’s very early on this June Lord’s Day morning in the mountains of Central Virginia.

The temperature is in the 60s and I am sitting in our happy place which is our screened in back porch drinking a cup of coffee. The sun is beginning to shine on the Blue Ridge, the finches are at the feeder and the quietness of this hour is deafening other than the chatter of the birds.

My heart is singing in worship as I reflect on His goodness. I am so thankful for this season in my life. We serve an awesome God. The Word says that every good thing in life is a gift from Him.

What a God!

True blessing from these faces

Trueface gang

Today, I give a shout out to Bruce, John and Bill, authors and visionaries at Trueface in Phoenix. 

These guys have mentored me since 2006 in truly understanding my identity in Christ, embracing who God says I am and living out my destiny.  I have realized that pleasing God comes from trusting him.  My life has been transformed through their verse by verse studies of the theology of Jesus and grace. 

I have been to Phoenix several times and have experienced their love for Christ followers. They also answer their emails and give you their cell numbers and make you feel the way God feels about you… accepted, loved and significant.  

What a blessing!

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