My friend Chuck…

Chuck and Jo (2)It was in 2006 at an early Tuesday morning Men’s Bible study when I crossed paths with a man named Chuck. After our initial introduction, I learned that he and his wife Jo were marriage counselors.  I immediately noticed that lots of his answers to life’s situations were filled with wisdom and discernment as we studied the Word of God together. This Bible Study, composed of 10-12 men was different than most….it was authentic, transparent and we all carried our share of vulnerability. This means that we allowed each other access to each other’s lives. We were all encouraged and learned much about each other and life as we met together for years.

Chuck and I became close friends. Week by week I saw his heart, his tears of burden for broken lives and most of all a commitment to helping marriages out of the sludge of possible divorce, pain, rejection and failure. He and Jo had committed their lives to helping people, particularly marriages from ruin through their ministry of His Touch Ministries. They have been at it now for twenty-five years. The testimonies of those who have been helped in restoration have blanketed the Central Virginia area. Chuck and Jo are so authentic and transparent because both have endured previous broken life experiences and very painful situations. They understand life.

I have often said that His Touch Ministries might be the best kept secret in Lynchburg. It is a non-profit counselling ministry that does nor charge fees for counselling. Their thoughts are that many who need counselling are experiencing financial difficulty also and they would never allow that to keep someone from getting the help they so desperately needed. The downside of that is that Chuck & Jo live on very minimal income by today’s standards.

Betty and I have monthly supported Chuck & Jo’s His Touch Ministries for years now. We were later invited to sit on the Board of Directors and we have seen, first hand, the lives that have been transformed through this ministry. They are dear friends and a great encouragement to us.

I would describe Chuck & Jo as self-less, sacrificial and serving. They are a team of love givers who have set their standards high in achieving successful marriages.  They are the type of friends that you could call at 2 AM and they would be there for you immediately.

I would like to ask you to pray for them, check out their ministry online at and to consider financially supporting them. You will be glad that you did.

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