A Birthday to Remember

I could not let the day pass without acknowledging how grateful I was to family and friends for making my birthday on Monday such a joyous occasion.  Wow! It seems like the red carpet was rolled out all day long. Encouraging love expressions, some of which brought tears to my eyes came in the form of Facebook messages, posts, texts, calls and special remembrances. Many of you whom I have not seen in years sent an encouraging word. I cannot begin to tell you how loved and affirmed I felt and I do not take your friendship lightly. I read every single message and as I did my heart loved on you for being such a blessing to me.

The day started early with Betty taking me to breakfast.

Little did I know that our friend Jose Villatoro, owner of the famed Brothers Pizza here in the Burg opened his restaurant early and served Betty and I the most delicious egg omelette that I have ever eaten in my entire life.

When we arrived, a table was decked out for us with Happy Birthday balloons and a sweet card from he and his family.  As most of you know Brothers Pizza was recently chosen by Time Magazine as the best pizza in the state of Virginia (everything else in that restaurant is good also 😊).

Then the flood came with your sweet messages from family, Joe Beans friends, Facebook friends, students, church friends, the list goes on and on. It was overwhelmingly sweet.

For dinner Betty and I dined eating fresh seafood at a very choice location. We got home just in time for the Clemson-Alabama championship game which did not conclude until almost Midnight. And even as I went to bed many of you were still sending encouraging messages.

Thank you for a wonderful birthday. I receive your love very gratefully……

Omelette at Brothers.jpg


Brothers Pizza Time Magazine.jpg

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