The House is Quiet, my Heart is Full!

Levi Thanksgiving.jpg

It’s early Sunday morning and the last car just pulled out of the drive way with a blowing of the horn and waves of love flowing from each car window. As I walked back through the kitchen, I felt tears coming to my eyes as the house felt suddenly too quiet. My heart worshiped with praise as I reflected on the Thanksgiving celebration where every single family member was present, plus a few more, from Thursday through Sunday morning.  We were all exhausted from the laughter, chiding and fun times. We received little sleep as we all stayed up beyond the midnight hour and were up by 6 in the morning. We are all feeling like Levi today. 😊

     Betty and I both felt gifted that the entire family was present. We spent quality time with the youngest to the oldest and there were continual hugs and “I love you” spoken.

The activities included much sharing about our journeys in life………hopes, dreams, goals as well as transparent struggles in life. Thanksgiving Dinner included all the special Thanksgiving food. The girls baked cookies on Friday while the guys played 18 holes of golf at New London Downs. A special treat on Friday night was dinner out for the entire gang at a local restaurant plus watching the end of the Va. Tech-UVA classic rivalry.

As they all left, no one felt as blessed as I. The hugs and the sincere appreciation for each family’s contribution to a very wonderful time together. It was a treat.

     I do want to remind you, the reader, that the Powell family is not a model family. We are just like you and your family. We are very often not in “Instagram” situations. We have our struggles, our failures, sometimes our bad attitudes and often difficult times. It keeps us on our knees as we petition our Heavenly Father for His grace in difficult times. We do possess grace, love, forgiveness, transparency and vulnerability and an identity that only comes from our Lord Jesus Christ. And, with that we can make it.

2 Replies to “The House is Quiet, my Heart is Full!”

  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed your Thanksgiving with all your family. I was I’ll and had to cancel my trip. It’s awesome to have family with you at this time to share together with lots of love. God bless. Much love to you and Mrs. Betty


  2. I too, had a wonderful time with family, friends, and lots of food. We watched my youngest granddaughter play with her cousins and a bit of football. I’m at the age where I don’t have to cook everything. We celebrated at my daughter’s house. I am truly blessed because I didn’t have to clean up afterwards! LOL. We love the Lord Jesus Christ and each other. We celebrate and praise him with all our love and thanksgiving. God bless you and your family for the Christmas season!


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