Its the Culture…

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One must only attend a convocation service held Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays on the campus of Liberty University to realize that Liberty has a culture of Training Champions for Jesus Christ. You can’t describe or define it but rather you feel the environment. It’s exciting, it’s encouraging. You enjoy being a part of it.

Chick- fil- a is another great example of a culture or environment that thrives on good food, good service and a positive attitude from workers who always reminds us that “Its My Pleasure” to serve you.

I love the church, it’s the institution created by Jesus Christ. Its purpose is to preach the gospel to the world and disciple those who receive that message.

We are the only institution on the planet that offers life transformation for now and for eternity.

My concern is for the culture of the church, the environment that people experience when they attend. That which you feel but can’t describe. What do you experience when you drive onto the property of your church (or any church)? Lance Witt says that every church and ministry organization has a distinct culture, a unique DNA that makes them who they are. But most often that culture isn’t articulated or evaluated.

We must realize that when people show up for church, they bring their problems with them…. life’s experiences, dysfunctions, insecurities, shame, assumptions, expectations and most likely are wearing a mask to cover it all up. They muster a smile and tell you that things are just fine. However, they aren’t.

All of us are broken people and we desperately need someone who cares for us and loves us regardless of what we are going through. The church of Jesus Christ offers that; however, it must be presented within a culture of grace, encouragement, trust, kindness, friendliness, helpful and thoughtful treatment. That culture will not happen by accident but must be consciously created. It must show up in behavior from the parking lot to the pulpit. It’s a leadership responsibility. Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do.”  People must feel valued. All of us are creations of God and need to be treated in that respect.

My great desire is to be a part of a church culture that promotes a safe environment of authentic worship, trust, realness, transparency and vulnerability. A place where we can carry our struggles and realize that we will be loved, prayed for, accepted, encouraged, embraced as saints who sin, as we work through the difficulties of life; not a place for condemnation, contention, political groupings or judgement. God has an answer for everything we experience, and the church should provide the culture to embrace those answers to life.

What is your church culture like?

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