Boarding Group 8…

Plane pic.jpgWhen flying, passengers are boarded in groups……..usually military & handicap, then frequent flyers, advantage card holders and last are us who fly infrequently. There are nine groups.

Recently I took a trip alone to Phoenix flying from Lynchburg to Charlotte then on to Phoenix. I started shopping early for good prices, however three weeks in advance they did not get any better so had to settle for a $519 round trip seat (My thinking at this price, surly I’ll be sitting up front with the pilots).

I did not pick my seat until two days in advance, so of a plane seating 178 people from Charlotte to Phoenix, the only available seating was on the last row. I have flown enough to realize the last row is in front of one of the restrooms. Upon boarding I also realized this seating arrangement included a screaming 2-year-old across the aisle.  Further agitation was that my seat was just big enough for only one section of my posterior with two other passengers almost sitting in my lap. Needless to say, it was a long four-hour flight. ☹

I failed to mention that while waiting in Charlotte at a jam-packed concourse everyone else was more privileged than I to board, so, for a moment I was fighting off a pity party.  I was not planning to check my luggage but because I was Group 8 all the overheads were already full, and they required me to check my luggage. It felt like a ten-mile hike in order to pick it up after arriving in Phoenix.

I felt totally non-privileged 😩.

The thought occurred to me that one day, when the trumpet sounds and this old body, will rise up with a new body, that I, my airport friends will be in Group 1, sitting in first class, with all its benefits, being honored by the one who died for me and took away all my sins. As those thoughts flushed over my soul I almost shouted! All throughout that four-hour flight I hummed the Old hymn of the Faith … “When the Roll is Called up Yonder, I’ll be there.”

When I arrived in Phoenix, no one was there to pick me up, so I had to figure out a way around the Phoenix airport and a taxi to the hotel ten miles away, already homesick for my bride and missing her terribly. So alone, I made my way out into a strange city with just me and the Holy Spirit…….nevertheless, realizing that I am A Child of the King and we will never lose our way with Him. Today, many boarded that plane privileged. For this “Group 8” person my privilege will be future and forever. The promises of God are glorious! What a God!


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