Church Cancer Feeds on…

Cancer Church 2

I cannot elaborate very much due to space in this article, so, I will briefly list the issues that I feel promote this threat or cancer in local church ministry.

  • Not understanding the plague of compartmentalization, holding secrets and unrevealed adversities, sins and even issues from our families of origin in our hearts… as Peter Scazzero states, “not facing our shadows.”
  • Lack of safe relationships in an environment of trust and transparency

 I was 57 years old before I had anyone with whom I could trust my whole heart with. Who do you have?

  • Lack of Sabbath or rest – When was the last time you took a complete day off, with no calls, no texts, no emails?
  • Not dealing with conflict but rather sweeping it under the rug. Pastors need to know how to deal with an ever-increasing load of conflict at church as well as at home.
  • Understanding the myth of sin management
  • Understanding our identity in Christ and our destiny for life (Galatians 2:20).

Some of the above issues are complex, however, very necessary for us to deal with to live in the freedom of Galatians 5:1.

Whether pastor or not, we can all benefit from becoming emotionally healthy. If our leaders deal with this, they can help their congregations.

Leaders, we need to sit down in small groups with trusted and transparent brethren to deal with these destructive issues. That’s the cry of my heart. I believe that healing and freedom will come.

It did for me.

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